Saturday, 18 April 2015

Loud Music

If you play very loud music in your neighbourhood all the time; your neighbours wish something bad would happen to you.
Something bad like having you car trapped in a ditch.

when you leave your home in the morning forgetting to put off the sound system? Your neighbours, especially your roommate wishes the power surges and burns the circuits of your new home theater.
What of every early mornings? when you play that loud christian music to announce your sturdy devotion to God (inconsiderate son of a... )

Why play very loud music that heightens panic attacks when there is no party going on? at least console your neighbours with some drinks...(But you're always broke).
The worst of it all is; you assume your neighbourhood is boring and dry, and that your neighbours probably enjoy your daily dose of wiz kid and Davido banging from your stereo, oh please!, maybe if you play Celine Dion they might sing along (damn it,  what happened to serenades? ).

Come on! you might have good intentions of changing the world... with very loud music, but your neighbours wish you disappear even for a day.... Your roommate wishes... something bad happens to you.


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