Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Simi’s “Jamb Question” is telling you to stop Cat-Calling women everywhere, even on the side-walks

I have an idea... what if we print Simi’s “Jamb question” lyrics on our shirts and wear it every time we go out on the streets?... what if we make a complimentary card or a post card, then give it to every cat-caller who
cat-calls us?


He come dey follow me go
He come dey follow me
He say sister sister please wait
I want to talk to you omoge
I say tell me what do you want
Make e no be like say I too dey front
He said i’s only gonna take one second
He come dey ask stupid questions
Have I met you before?
Is your brother Paul
Did you go to my school?
Cause I recognize you
Do you live next door?
Does your daddy play football?”

I’ve never met a girl who likes to be catcalled—never met a girl who would congratulate you or wish you well when you cat-call her. To Cat-Call is to make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.

Most times I just feel like cursing the generation of a stranger who cat calls me—I want to confront and have a talk with my cat-caller (have a wicked conversation) , or I just imagine they twist and break their necks. Some days I’m just not in the mood—I keep mute but still mutter to myself “you father”, douche bag, useless person”.

Simi’s new creative song “Jamb Question” is a reply many women would agree with, like “why you dey ask me Jamb question?” You might have good intentions but you style or approach annoys me instead, I just want you to move along, I’ve got to be at a place now, don’t stop me to start asking me personal questions. Just because I sat on the same row with you in a car don’t mean I am there for you to make my life an unsolicited interview. ughh!

Many people especially men might not see the seriousness in this, or the fact that it might ruin a woman’s day—it just makes her uncomfortable! You may say; “Some women find it flattering”. Maybe..., (some people are self destructing). Some women  move on, not because they enjoy being cat-called— many Women do not want to engage in a confrontation with a stranger who might end up leaving his palm-prints on her face.

You may not understand the inspiration for Simi’s song “Jamb question”, but the effects of Cat calling is way deeper than just a temporary discomfort or annoyance—it makes us (Women) want to print the lyrics of Simi’s Song on a shirt—wear it everywhere! or make  a complimentary card, then give it to anybody who cat-calls us (women). It really is that ...uggh!! “Stop telling Women to smile”.

Below is an extra excerpt from “Jamb Question”
“Girl I cannot lie for you
I swear I recognize you
Na so he see me for movies one night
He come dey look me like say he wan swallow me
He say sister you look nice
Don't be offended o omoge

What's the name of the movie?
Shey na tragedy abi na comedy?
Is the guy gonna die?
Or are they gonna fight?
Did you come here last week?
I think I saw you with another chick
Will they catch the bad guy
Do movies make you cry? Ma bi mi ni Jamb question
I no be dundee, I no be fool
Ma bi mi ni Jamb question
See your style is just not cool (not cool)
Ma bi mi ni Jamb question
I no be dundee, I no be fool
I won't pay you no attention
To ba bi mi ni Jamb question o Ogbeni brother, ahhhh
Ma ma bi mi l'ojo oshi o
Ma bi mi ni Jamb question o
You say you want to marry me
You say you like my quality
O wan bi mi l'ojo oshi o
Ma bi mi ni Jamb question o
Shey b'awon egbe e shen she ni yen
You no dey shame
You no dey fear
O tun bi mi l'ojo oshi o
Ma bi mi ni Jamb question o”

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