Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Music Producer Blues

I felt like Thomas Edison--not after he invented the light bulb,  but during the process of inventing the light bulb--I felt the strain, mind bends and uncertainties associated with making things that just won't work (don't know if Edison felt that way tho).

The song I mastered three days ago started
distorting and clipping whenever I play it on my phone. This was the master I thought was "it", this was the master I was going to upload on Soundcloud. This was the number seven master of the same song ( I feel sick in my stomach).
Did I increase the gain too much during limiting? But I didn't notice any clippings like the last one in which the high  notes clipped so badly that my face gets covered with wrinkles whenever I listen to it.... I went back to the mix. I could remember not knowing what to do with the multi-band compressor during "the" song mastering; the mix sounded so right to me. I also remembered it was too wobbly and bassy,  so I cut-off some low end. Or was it T-racks? it's reputation...SMH. it must be T-racks-- it hits every thing too hard and the meters go Red too fast even when the RMS is barely at - 13db.

Time to make up my mind-- I should switch to wavelab and waves plug-ins, maybe I should stick to Cubase when mastering. Those beautiful and colourful plug-ins on T-racks have wasted my time each time, Maybe Pro-tools will do the magic--emm... it's so American.

I am sick and tired! (*throws $100 headphone at the wall)...

Maybe I should reread those books about mastering and re-watch those endless videos I got from The Recording Revolution and the additional ones my friend Abdulkass gave me!

Maybe I should just go to bed,  or delete all these DAWS scattered all over my desktop-- I've got Ignite, Pro-tool, Cubase, T-racks, Fruity-loops, Wavelab and even Ableton. God, the Music production pitfalls are endless :(((
Maybe I should buy a real audio converter and leave those downloaded ones alone. what's playing in my phone is the mp3. Oh! It must be the converter... Smh

Maybe I'm just having the blues; the Music producer blues... Some nights are just uninspiring (* starts watching Orange is the new black) Ruby rose will be  in season three yay! Oh crazy eyes (^o^)