Friday, 24 April 2015

Forget Food, Abdulkass Eats Music

He is a music producer, but before that he is a Singer—a mix of Sam smith, BoyZone and Andrea Bocelli. A Pianist (imagine an Asian with three hands playing the Piano), A Violinist, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Flutist, Trumpeter, Clarinettist, Comedian and Philosopher, he also messes with your photos and makes them beautiful.

Oh, why didn’t I use the word “multi- instrumentalist” ?
That will dilute the realness of all the above things he is--if there is anyone who captures the spirit of Possibilities and humility, it is Abdulkass. For a young man who is so passionate about music—you might say he's done it all, but the energy he does his projects with does not give off the vibes of someone who will be retiring soon! He is a product of hardship, lack, rejection and self belief. He is what you would call “the most hard working Nigerian”.

Kicked out of his family  at the age of Fourteen for becoming a Christian in a predominantly Muslim Household, he found solace in the church—living with pastors and even attending theology schools (That could make anyone a Philosopher), he turned to music to keep his soul together.

It is hard to keep up with him, he works tirelessly to complete his projects and most times he forgets to eat. Abdulkass's versatility supersedes just one Genre in music, I’ve heard him play, produce and sing Classical and Jazz pieces like the masters! Let’s just call his sound a mix-mash of every sound that feels good.

"Big Bang" may not be Abdulkass's very first Album, but before the Album, there are a dozen singles scattered all over the internet, and Comedy skits on SoundCloud. You may have seen him live in concerts back then when he owned a Band call the Virtuosos and played Eccentric music in huge venues.

Big Bang is a 12 track Album of Gospel Music splattered on the canvass of different genres.
Take a listen to “Cannon in Hausa”. The voices you hear in “Cannon in Hausa” are Abdulkass’s vocals layered to give it the full choir effect—his Vocals flows with the fluidity only him has mastered.
"Cannon in Hausa" is a re-creation of Pachabel’s “Cannon in D”, but, instead of the Violins, Viola and Cellos playing the parts, Abdulkass’s voice tries and did do the magic and harmonies only a String instrument can produce. He gave us a new twist to Pachabel's over played, over sampled and annoyingly satisfying creation.

I would be doing a review of the “Big Bang”, but before I do that, why don’t you get your own copy and hear for yourself the creations of a young man who has defiled limitations and real Hardship to stand and be revered by great people.
You can buy his new Album by calling +2348184264896, The album will be delivered at your doorsteps.
Abdulkass is on Facebook and Twitter


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