Friday, 1 May 2015

Look at Korede Bello, just look at him!

Just look at him, He is Young?handsome? but, look at him!
When i first heard of Korede, that was before i even listened to his songs or wondered why his current popular song "God Win" sounded so familiar—i go to a Nigerian Church. The rhythm gets me each time—it is a mix of musical elements of year 1999 and early 2000’s Igbo Pop Christian songs—the Bass line makes you want to stomp your feet, clap your hands and shake your bottom. Each time "God Win"  comes on air I suddenly feel like I am in a Cherubim and Seraphim church or the Celestial church
but with my shoes on though.

Take a look at Korede Bello, just look at him, he is 18 but the lyrics to “God Win” would make you think he’s seen strife—like he sold “pure water” at Nyanya traffic! Like his parents never supported him or bought him his first guitar. But his parents supported him, they are rich—they even paid for his studio sessions. what Nigerian parent does that to their son who they would always expect to be a doctor or Engineer? *sneers.

When i first saw the picture of a fine young boy with guitar in his hands, i visualized Ed Sheeran with a twist of Victor Uwaifo and Bob Dylan, but then i heard “African Princess” ...what is this need to water down something good to make it more Nigerian?—this overwhelming need to use nonsensical syllables such as roborobo, dindodo, porero,likadatto in a song just makes it mediocre. I totally understand the Nigerianness of what we do, but this constant need to write lyrics with the word “Baby” making up 75% of the song is so tiring, uninspiring and so wanna be Usher Raymond with a twist of Duncan Mighty (Yes, Duncan mighty only sings the word “baby” on every track on every album except for that testosterone fuelled song “port-Harcourt Boy”).

Take a look at Korede Bello, Just look at him, you would start to imagine he has a voice like Adam Lambert or Sam smith, or even Timi Dakolo...why does Don Jazzy always Auto-tune the shit out of the songs he produces? I know that Auto-tune is part of  Pop music culture, almost like a necessity, even Rihanna uses Alto-tune, it is always there in her songs,  but usually in default setting, or a little adjustment is made, but not totally affecting the voice or
making it so plastic!

So why does Don Jazzy “T-pain” too much?... Most people would totally recommend the same cream they use if you ask them what cream you should use. Don Jazzy Uses Auto-Tune—it makes him sound like every other person that over uses Auto-Tune—people with not so fantastic voice, people that can’t stay on key,(*whispers) people who are tone deaf!

Just take a look at Korede Bello, look at him, you could see a young Michael Jackson with songs that healed the world, made us change our perspectives of what music can really achieve, songs that got us buying lyric books so we could learn the words and make cover versions and show off to our friends. Today,  most Nigerian songs are hard to Cover, except you can play drums and sing at the same time without feeling like you are drunk and struggling not to over say the word “take Banana” like fifty times?

Ok, take a look at Korede, you would see someone who is capable of showing soul in his music, but the need to make everything tumgba tumba in order to be successful will have him churning out songs that translates to wanna be Wiz Kid with a mix of  “but make e sound like Asa o”.
Korede could be anything he chooses to be with his music, after all the saying is: “if the people like it, then it must be good”. Millions listen to Nigerian music and wonder:  “What happened to Serenades? Where is D’Jinee, why did style plus have to break up? Are we going to ever have someone who sings better than Josh Groban, David Archuleta, Freddie Mercury, Enrique Iglesias, Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi or even Bruno Mars? abi what makes our music Nigerian is: not digging deep to write songs that resonate in our hearts for years to come?”.

Take a look at Korede Bello, Just look at him,  he is just like the rest--just got a hit song but not a classic.


  1. Looking at or paying attention to the atmosphere in the Nigerian music industry one would say Korede Bello doesn't want to beat them, he wants to join them (as a new comer he is) making a difference wouldn't be feasible without having gained popularity. ... left for me Korede Bello is a lucky young man lost in the current hype fever of Godwin